Steroid Burger – Beefed to the max!

Steroid Burger – Beefed to the max!

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Steroid Burger – Beefed up to the max!

Introducing the twenty pounder (unfortunately not the price!) beef burger – a well BEEFED up snack!

Like a burger king whopper on steroids this burger is a real beauty, the beef pattie weighing in at 20lb’s is the equivalent of 80 McDonalds quarter pounder burgers to give it some scale. Made with prime British beef, infused with brie & red onions and topped with cheese singles, tomato salsa, gherkins, iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, bacon & rocket leaves. With that line up people couldn’t complain we weren’t getting our greens!

The burger was nicely parcelled in between two home made giant baps that even Mr Warburton would have been proud off. Sometimes with Giant food the taste gets compromised but our very own Matt made sure that this was not the case. The wonderful beef pattie infused with fresh French brie, red onions and beautifully seasoned with salt, pepper and mixed herbs.

This beauty would be the highlight of any bbq or party and so we would love to invite you to make your own. We’ve documented the steps below so check them out and start making your own pimped up burgers.



Recipe Instructions

Step 1 - Buy the ingredients.
2014-12-05 17.32.58Go to your local store and grab the ingredients below **warning this one isn’t cheap!**.


Burger Mix
8kg minced beef.
3 x Red Onions
4 x slices of white bread (bread crumbs)
4 x Eggs
2 x Brie Cheese
Salt & Pepper
2014-12-05 17.56.41
Burger Bun / Bap
Sesame Seeds
(Enough of above to make equivalent to 4-5 loafs of bread)

Burger Toppings
20 x Cheese singles
16 x Bacon Strips
1 x Lettuce
2 x Bags Rocket Salad
1 x Jar Pickled Gherkins
2 x Jars Burger Relish
6 x Tomatoes

Step 2 - Make the beef pattie.
2014-12-05 17.46.591) Unpack all the meat and build an amazing meat hill. Then dice up your red onions, I used a super slicer plus as so fast! Blitz up your bread crumbs in a blender, I used the nutribullet with the extractor blade on it – worked a dream.



2014-12-06 08.14.28

2) Get your hands dirty and start working the egg, onion and breadcrumbs into the beef. Then make a pattie with two thirds of the beef, chop up your brie and place on top, then use the rest of the beef to form the top of the pattie. We spread out a couple of big sheets of foil in a cross formation over the pizza tray and placed the pattie on the tray, then wrapped up the bad boy ready for cooking. We couldn’t resist a cheeky photo to show the weight, this whopper weighing it at over 20lbs!







Step 3 - Cook the bad boy.
Now the fun starts! Trying to cook this monstrosity of a burger, we certainly had2014-12-07 13.20.47 fun learning how to cook such a big thing. With the pizza tray it allowed for fat to drip out of the burger so do make sure you have a roasting tray or something to catch the fat. We would recommend filling it a little with water so the fat dilutes and doesn’t just burn off in your oven giving quite a cloud of oil smoke – we learnt the hard way!! Long and slow is the way to cook this thing, we had ours in the oven wrapped in foil for over 4 hours at about 150 degrees centigrade. Your looking for the centre of the burger to get to at least 71 degrees centigrade, we would recommend going for more like 78 degrees centigrade.

Also remember to change the oil / water if starts to get smoky or is filling up too much.


Step 4 - Make the bread baps.
With every good burger comes a good bread bap, this burger was no exception. So we used a simp2014-12-07 09.26.01 (1)le white bread recipe and multiplied it by about 5 to get the quantities needed. We made custom trays that fitted the oven perfectly, these were thick cardboard covered in metal foil and that did the trick. Make your bread mix, then leave to rise in a bowl or two – then split the mix up into two bap shapes on the greased baking trays then bake.

Ensure they are cooked through fully before taking them out, if not they won’t survive the weight of the burger on top! We would recommend doing these before the burger goes in the oven just so you have some space, stupidly we did them at the same time – thankful for a double oven.

Step 5 - Top the Beast and Eat!
Now for the best bit, to top the burger off with all the burger fillings. We went to Giant 20lb Burger - Recipe Instructions Gallerytown with this and almost doubled the size of the burger with the extra toppings just brimming around the sides. Check out the gallery photos for our construction of the toppings ingredients. We then cut the burger like a cake and it was more than enough to feed 25 people comfortably, get ready for the meat sweats!

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